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Trek Details 2017:

 22-July to 4 August

 9-22 September

 23 September to 6 October


 12 Day Cultural Trek contact us to be on to your trip now!

Prices from: $5450.00


"The best trip I have ever done!! a very moving experience - will be hard to top it - far exceeded my expectations.
My porter Nigel was exceptional.
The scenery is spectacular and the people beautiful.
The porters made the trip extra special - lovely singing helped get through the tough bits.
Food was excellent! thanks Bowen.
Thanks Peter, Rick and Adventure Out - I come back so much richer having this experience." 2016

"Absolutely loved it,
Terry was amazing,his knowledge of the Kokoda trail is incredible,he is one of the most genuine persons I have ever met.
I would highly recommend your company to anyone wishing to complete the trek"2016


The Kokoda Track is one of the world’s great treks, linking the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea through rainforests with abundant flora and fauna and clean mountain streams cascading into deep valleys. The unspoiled villages throughout the Kokoda Track will welcome you and the Koiari and Orokaiva people will greet you with smiles and tempt you with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The 96 kilometre Kokoda Track and Sogeri area have a history of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese armies during the latter half of 1942 (World War II). The Kokoda Track is a native footpath that traverses the rugged peaks of the Owen Stanley Ranges, and it was here that an inexperienced, ill-equipped and outnumbered Australian force faced the might of the Japanese army. As well as their opposition, both nations faced the problems of conducting a war in the extremely inhospitable Papua New Guinea jungle, an environment that inflicted casualties without favour.

The Australians, together with their Papuan allies, after four months of bitter fighting, overcame these obstacles and inflicted on the Japanese army its first land defeat of the Second World War. In the process, they were immortalized and became a source of inspiration for future generations of Australians.

Adventure Out offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural wealth and history. This adventure encompasses a 96 km trek across the Owen Stanley Ranges operating from either Kokoda Village to Owers’ Corner, or Owers’ Corner to Kokoda Village (optional Buna Village stay available on both directions).
Adventure Out subscribes to the policy of protecting the natural environment, supporting Indigenous cultural values and retaining the military history that make much of the Kokoda Track a natural icon and recognise that it is vital the region be treated with integrity to preserve the reasons why people go there. Maximum group sizes have been capped at 16 to ensure a special and profound Kokoda visit.


*Please be aware that this expedition is rated hard. You may be required to carry up to 20kg in your back pack and will have to negotiate steep, rough and broken jungle tracks for up to 12 hours (there is at least 1 day that is very demanding on the trek).

 Adventure Out will support your preparation by providing a guide for your final 12 week fitness training regime to help you complete your physical preparations. This fitness program has been designed not as a single solution program, but a minimum benchmark to help conclude and measure your fitness preparations against previous expedition expectations.

Personal porter support is available for hire (approx $600) to assist trek participants who seek some additional support on the track. Participants with a previous medical condition, ankle, knee, back etc should consider this option, as well as those who wish to lighten their carrying load. Discuss with Adventure Out prior to making your booking.

Adventure Out’s commitment

  • Experienced guide – Australian 
  • Local trek leader and expedition porter support 
  • Comprehensive tropical first aid kit
  • $20 million Public Liability Insurance 
  • Trek permit fee with the Kokoda Track Authority
  • Internal airfare to commencement of track or return
  • Village campsite and guesthouse fees 
  • All meals during the trek
  • Water purification means (tablet and steri pen)
  • Internal vehicle transport during the trek
  • Pre and post accommodation and meals

Your Commitment

There are a number of important elements that you need to organise, such as Personal Travel Insurance (including emergency evacuation cover), vaccinations and visas. A comprehensive list will be provided in the Kokoda Trek Handbook.

Your Adventure Out Australia Guide

Your trek will be lead by an experienced Adventure Out guide who has specific expedition trek experience and knowledge of the routes, natural history and cultural background. With safety our top most priority, Adventure Out is a leader in staff support, ensuring that our clients get the highest possible standard of skilled, motivated and committed guides on their treks.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are extremely important and must be read prior to making a booking. Please contact the office for a copy of our Terms and Conditions.A percentage of your program charge goes towards nominated projects within the region, such as providing funds for school and medical facilities along the Kokoda Track. The group will nominate at the conclusion of your trek.Our Terms and Conditions are extremely important and must be read prior to making a booking. Please contact the office for a copy of our Terms and Conditions.A percentage of your program charge goes towards nominated projects within the region, such as providing funds for school and medical facilities along the Kokoda Track. The group will nominate at the conclusion of your trek.


A comprehensive 1030mm x 450mm map from Port Moresby, along the Kokoda Track and through to Buna on the north coast, highlighting the complete story of the battle of Kokoda is available. There is also a "mirror image" of the map available from Buna to Port Moresby, for those who walk the track north to south.

The map itself displays actual photographs from the period 1942-43 (sourced from the Australian War Memorial) and also has places to hold seven of your favourite photos. It includes:

  • a list of the major Australian military units involved in 1942–43 along the track
  • the memorial plaques that are scattered along the track
  • information on the Japanese landings at Buna
  • and information on the main memorials at Isurava and Owers Corner

This map is able to combine the history of the Kokoda Track and your own efforts in walking the trail. Please contact Adventure Out if you are interested in purchasing this map—price $295.

Adventure Out's Committment to the local businesses and villages on Kokoda Track

Member of the Kokoda Track Foundation 

Dear Adventure Out

On behalf on the board of the Kokoda Track Foundation, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to you for your extremely generous support of the work we are doing in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Thank you for supporting the Foundarion's exciting solar light 'Lighting Up The Track project.  We are delighted that Adventure Out are Lighting Up Buna Village in 2012.

Warmest Regards

Dr Genevieve Nelson - Executive Director

Krismas Givim

Every year, the Kokoda Track Foundation runs the 'Krismas Givim' program, that allows you to gift your friends with a donation in their name to the people of Papua New Guinea, making your gift choices easy! If you'd like to participate, you can go here to order a catalogue, or order online.

krismas givim


If you'd like to hear some of the feedback we got from the most recent Kokoda Trek  please go here!

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