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Man vs. Wild 2014

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City Descent 7/3/13

On the 7th March, we abseiled 14 guys off  Central Park Tower; the tallest building in Perth with a whopping 265m descent. City Descent was our first charity abseil for this year. Organised by the the Mill gym, the event was held to raise funds for the SASR trust. It was one of the most successful charity events we have helped to run here in Perth. The whole day went incredibly smoothly and all of the guys got right into it! We even had Spiderman scaling down the side of the tower! A few days before we had given the boys a quick abseiling lesson down at Boya Quarry and they attacked Central Park Tower with enough enthusiasm and expertise to make it a fantastic day. It was our absolute pleasure working alongside the guys from the Mill. You can check out some great snapshots of the event on our facebook page. If you’d like to make an online donation to the SASR trust you can do so here.

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Bluff Knoll Abseiling

Once again, it’s that time of year when we are starting to gear up for our Bluff Knoll Abseiling Adventure.  Our first trip to the Stirling Range National Park for 2013 is happening this April, 12-14th and we already have only 6 spots left! Goodness! Our Bluff Knoll weekend is a fantastic way to experience the Stirling Ranges. We drive down on the Friday night to our base camp, the Stirling Range Retreat at which we are spoiled terribly by the loving owners, Tony and Ayleen Sands. On the Saturday we hike to Castle Rock for an preparatory abseil in which we teach you how to tackle a multi-pitch descent! On the Sunday we abseil down Bluff Knoll. As one of Western Australia’s highest peaks, Bluff Knoll is one of the most thrilling abseiling experiences in the state; a whopping 280m multi-pitch descent! We start the day off early in the morning to reach the top of Bluff Knoll just in time to catch the sunrise! The hike to the top takes around 90-120mins, and we would classify it as moderate in difficulty. Abseiling down Bluff Knoll is an experience like no other. The beautiful scenery combined with the sense of personal achievement and satisfaction makes this an absolutely must-do adventure. So come along this April; we are offering a 25% discount on bookings (code: BKAA) and we only have 6 spots up for grabs! Don’t miss out on this unique experience, book now and come on an adventure with us in WA’s South-West this April!

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Tie me kangaroos down, Sport!

This week we’ve received an update on our adopted kangaroos; Barbie, Ken and Angie, from Kununurra’s Kangaroo Haven. Our three little mascots have grown up!

Ken and Barbie have both been moved from  the Kangaroo Haven Kindergarten to the Kangaroo Haven Boot Camp and they are both loving the extra room to jump around in with the older mob! There is also a bit of romance going on between them! Ken and Barbie are always seen together, hopping around the yard side-by-side, even when it’s raining!!

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Kokoda Trek Testimonial 2012

In July 2011, my brother-in-law had made the decision to walk the Kokoda Track and I jumped on board . He had previously approached Adventure Out Australia and had commenced liaising with them in regard to training regimes, travel arrangements and all associated information required to complete the trek. Adventure Out were the ultimate professionals in regard to their timely and detailed communications dealing with all the trekkers that were to walk the Kokoda. Whenever there was a need for further information or a query relating to any topic, the reply was prompt and succinct.

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Abseiling and Flying Fox Day with Dreamfit Foundation

On Saturday 15th December Adventure Out and Dreamfit Foundation came together for the last Abseiling and Flying Fox Day of 2012. Our keen team of volunteers, alongside a very enthusiastic bunch of Dreamfitters, donated their time to give people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the thrills of abseiling down at Stathams Quarry. Overall, the day was another huge success! It was a gorgeous day to be outside and the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers and participants was incredibly infectious! It was inspiring to meet all of the courageous participants who were eager to have a go and be involved as much as possible throughout the day. The highlight of the day was, without a doubt, the cleverly designed Flying Fox which enabled wheelchair users to fly down the center of the quarry at exhilarating speeds! It was such a rush that even the WA Minister for Disability Services, Helen Morton, was keen to give it a try! The Dreamfit team have put up some fantastic photos of the day on their website which are well worth checking out here. Our team has also chosen a few of our favourite snaps and popped them up on instagram which you can find here!

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‘Krismas Givim’

Hi Everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and purchasing a ‘Krismas Presen’ for a loved one is a great way to put the spirit of generosity back into giving!  The Kokoda Track Foundation is giving you the opportunity to support children, families and communities in Papua New Guinea this Christmas through their initiative, ‘Krismas Givim.’ The catalogue, available online, offers you the chance to purchase a variety of gifts; from school materials to a village health kit! It’s a unique idea and a socially conscientious gift that will go a long way to improving living conditions in PNG. Our team proudly supports the Kokoda Track Foundation’s initiative as it is a fantastic way to give back to the individual and communities that support our much loved Kokoda Treks.

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The 2012 Kimberley Experience

This year we took three groups up to the East Kimberleys to experience what is truly the most beautiful, remote, wilderness that Western Australia has to offer.

The East Kimberleys is a favourite destination for our trekkers as it offers a variety of landscapes; from stunning mountain ranges and rivers to deep rocky gorges and cliffs. It is a truly remote region that offers an entirely new and adventurous way to experience Western Australia. It’s our favourite escape from the daily grind and its beauty continues to awe and inspire each and every visitor.

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Rev. Tim Harrison’s Abseil down St George’s Cathedral

pn tim harrisonOn Monday morning, 5th November, our team abseiled Rev. Tim Harrison down St George’s Cathedral in Perth’s CBD. The 85 year old undertook the personal challenge to highlight the upcoming Seniors Week (11th-18th Nov) which is a celebration of Seniors’ contribution to the community.  The event was organised by Amana Living, WA’s prinicpal Anglican aged and community care provider. The goal of the day was to promote a positive image of ageing and prove to WA Seniors that you can remain active and energetic throughout your senior years. Rev. Harrison had only abseiled once before in 1944 and while he found this time challenging, it was also very rewarding:

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