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Kachana Pastoral Company


Kachana Pastoral Company is a small company run by two families, the Henggeler Family & the Waser Family, who are both committed to restorative landcare. They work on the Kachana Station, approximately 77'500 hectares of rainfall catchment country.

In 1989, the Kachana Station had no access and no physical infrastructure, rugged terrain with deteriorating biological foundations and very few cattle. Despite these drawbacks, the the KPC saw that the Station had great potential as there was reliable annual rainfall, perennial surface water, and a great position in the heart of the Kimberleys.

Since then, Kachana has focused on a non-primary production income whilst subsidizing the gradual rebuilding of sound ecological foundations.

In the years since 1992, the KPC has had various results, a growing interest within the scientific community, restored the creek-flow, an improvement in the carrying capacity, has been photo-monitoring sites, and running environmental seminars and rangeland research projects.




Current Updates

The Kachana Millenium Project is moving along nicely, and they were able to treat one section with fire, as part of their ongoing research into how cattle and fire affect the landscape.


Photos from Kachana

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If you'd like to find out more about the station and the company, you can find them at this website.