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The Dreamfit Foundation is a unique WesternDreamfit_Logo.jpg Australian not for-profit-organisation that is actively working towards creating a sustainable movement where industry, academia, government and community partner together to fulfil dreams and overcome the challenges and frustrations of people with disabilities.

People with disabilities have dreams and aspirations just like all people. As such we believe that people with disabilities deserve more than just a wide car park and special parking. They have the right to freedom, independence and the right to make choices for themselves.  Dreamfit Foundation is taking up the challenge to help as many people with disabilities as possible to overcome their challenges and frustrations and to fulfil their Dreams.

Adventure Out Australia provide Outdoor Recreation experiences for the Dream Fit Foundation. These experiences include abseiling and flying fox adventures held at Statham's Quarry. The first Dream Fit/Adventure Out Recreation Day was held on Sunday 10th June 2012. The weather was against us but all participants had a great day out and go to experience a new adventure.143.jpg

"Even though we operate in all conditions Sunday’s weather was definitely interesting... After trying our hardest to work out a way to run the Fox the wind just didn’t let us! But rest assured we were still able to run the Abseiling and got all participants through. Wahoo!! The day was full of smiles, laughter and a huge sense of achievement from all involved. Well done everybody!!" Jon Marshall, Adventure Out Australia

"Dreamfit would like to thank the Adventure Out Team for supporting the Recreation Program, in its first abseiling/flying fox day delivered on the 10th June at Stathams Quarry. The day was a huge success and provided a valuable and unique experience for people with disabilities" Rebecca Ginbey, Dream Fit Foundation



Our most recent DreamFit event was held in May, 2014. Have a look at the great photos we got out of this!

Abseiling 2014(3).jpgAbseiling 2014.jpgAbseiling 2014(2).jpg