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Adventure Out began in the 1980s in a small store above an outdoor equipment store on Hay Street, Perth, that began offering just abseiling and rock climbing to anyone in Perth who wanted it. As they began to get more popular, they expanded to a bigger store down in Welshpool where Adventure Out still resides. We began with the mission statement ‘Promoting personal and organisational development through participation in fun experiential learning programs’ and we've continued with that mission.

Since then, Adventure Out has begun to draw people from across Australia to Perth and Adventure Out to experience the unique opportunities that Western Australia has to offer, such as the beautiful East Kimberleys. We've expanded into offering more than just abseiling and rock climbing; we now offer white water rafting, treks into the Kimberley region of WA, and even into Papua New Guinea for a yearly Kokoda Trek offering. We also offer activities for school camps, and teambuilding and leadership activities for businesses.

As a business we believe strongly in sustainability and working with the communities that we provide services within, and we strive to meet these beliefs while offering an exciting experience for all our customers.


Our programs are challenging and rewarding and are conducted with the highest regard for safety and the environment. The quality of our staff and facilitators, our high staff-to-participant ratios and provision of well maintained and up-to-date equipment ensures that participants enjoy a safe and positive experience. We are pro-active within the Australian outdoor industry in the development of standards, training courses and management plans, as well as carrying a Public Liability Insurance policy of $20 million.

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